دانلود Fluxstore Multi Vendor v3.7.0 – Flutter E-commerce Full App – اپلیکیشن فروشگاهی ووکامرس با فلاتر

دانلود Fluxstore Multi Vendor v3.7.0 – Flutter E-commerce Full App – اپلیکیشن فروشگاهی ووکامرس با فلاتر


FluxStore Multi-Vendor is the Full Flutter Application to connect to your existing Multi-Vendor WooCommerce website with WCFM (WC Lovers) or Dokan plugin.

– Version: 3.7.0 – Flutter 3.7.x, WCFM, Dokan
– Last update: 01 Feb 2023 ​- Changelog – Youtube
– Compatible with Drag & Drop FluxBuilder tool
– Files Included: Full Flutter Source Code (iOS & Android)
– Vendor Admin: via webview or buy FluxStore Manager app
– This is Exclusive Product License from Envato

Flutter Mobile App - Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 1

FluxStore Delivery Boy - Flutter App for Woocommerce Flutter Template: FluxStore Manage - Flutter Vendor app Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 1

Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 2 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 3 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 4 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 5 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 6 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 7 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 8 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 9 Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 10

Fluxstore Multi-Vendor is mainly focused to support building the marketplace business. This is a universal e-commerce app inspired by the Flutter framework, made by Google. With the mission of reducing thousands of business hours spent on designing, developing and testing mobile applications, Fluxstore Multi-Vendor comes as a complete solution to optimize delivering your application to the market with high productivity and cost-effectiveness. It could be able to satisfy all of the business requirements including e-commerce functionalities, impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices.

If your business has already had the website built based on the WooCommerce site with Dokan or WCFM (WC Lovers) plugin, it is easy to integrate with Fluxstore Multi-Vendor in just a few steps to create the powerful Marketplaces, and quickly release the final app to both Appstore and Google Play store. The download package includes the full source code and many related resources (designs, documents, videos…) that help you install in the smoothest way.

Either you are business people with raising sale ambition or developers with faster mobile application creation need, Fluxstore provides you solutions.
Faster- Smoother- Closer.

Flutter Mobile App - Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 17

Demo iOSAndroidVideo
Vendor Account vendor@demo.com / vendordemo
Showcase our clients’ appsmore
Website demo DokanWCFM Marketplace
Plugins https://app.inspireui.com/vendor/plugins
Document guide the latest guidetrial
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/inspireui
Medium Blog https://medium.com/inspireui
Official Site https://fluxstore.app
Company Site https://inspireui.com

Please note that buying this app when you already have the WooCommerce site with Dokan or WCFM plugin. The website/backend, Dokan, and WCFM plugins are not included in this product.
FluxStore ManagerFluxStore Delivery Boy apps are not included in this app.

Woocommerce features demo

Here are the different types of products on website demo https://wclovers.mstore.io

Subscription, Ultimate Membership, Paid Memberships Pro
Simple product
Grouped product
External/Affiliate product
Variable product (Colors, sizes, …)
Upload file on product (Phamarcy)
Downloadable product (Digital, book stores)
Minimum quantity product
Out of stock product
On sale product

Available Features

Flutter Mobile App - Fluxstore Multi Vendor - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 19

Compatible with top 2 WooCommerce plugin frameworks – integrate with Dokan, WCFM Marketplace (WC Lovers). Please check the current features below.

Instance Synchronization – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time.

White-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.

Easy Design by drag-n-drop – customize easily the Design of your app by drag-n-drop FluxBuilder without republishing to App Stores.

Great UX design – multi-level categories(horizontal, menu, side menu, card view, etc.), quick product filter, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history, Blog Detail screens- change to difference sexy blog detail news via the config file.

Flexible Design System – easy to config the Homepage, Category, Blog with a bunch of built-in components: Banner Slider, Banner Grouping, Multi-Columns product view, Tinder animate layout, Stack animate layout, SaleOff with Countdown, AppBarBackgroundInstagramStoryTiktokSmart Banner, etc. (link)

Flexible Category List – ability to remap a new multi-category tree that is different from the backend site. (link)

Multi Homepage Templates – more than 25 rebuild Homepage Layouts. A bunch of readily defined themes is included and easy to customize to make your own elegant theme. (videolink)

User Roles – users can login with Customer, Vendor, or Master admin role via this app.

Power Vendor features – List Product by Vendor or Category, Vendor rating Review, Vendor Profile, Vendor Map (location), Create New product by taking photos or uploading from the galleries, Delete products, Search products in-store, Real-time Chat between Vendor and End User, Vendor Welcome Onboarding. (link)

Vendor Admin – support Seller in all management via webview. If you need Native Vendor Admin, buy FluxStore Manager app

NearBy Stores – Easy to find nearest stores around you. (link)

Multi Languages, RTL – switch or set the default language, auto-detect device locale, Language Picker, easy to add/edit/delete a language: English, Tigrinya, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazil, French, Thai, Russian, Poland, Serbian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Bengali, Kurdish, Swedish, Finland, Greek, Khmer, Marathi, Kannada, Czech, etc. (link)

Multi Currencies – easy to add/edit/delete a currency, switch or set default; also support WOOCS Currency Switcher. (link)

Multi Payments – COD, Smart COD, Native payments {PayTM, Paypal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Mercado Pago, Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)}, Webview payment: your local payments, Guest Checkout, and Shipping.

Tera Wallet – allow customers to store their money in a digital wallet and purchase. (video)

Barcode & QR code Scanner – helps users scanning the Barcodes or QR codes of a Product or an Order quickly, reliably, and by all means less time-consuming. (video)

Subscription, Brands – usability for Woocommerce subscription products and Brands carousel.

Multi Plugins – WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, AfterShip, OneSignal WordPress, Woocommerce Product Add-Ons, etc. (link)

Diverse Products – File Upload on product (for medicine store, to upload prescription); Digital/downloadable, Affiliate product, product Group, Dynamic product Variant, difference type of Layout (Colors, Dropdown, Box), Product Images options. (link)

Advance Product Detail View Config – with the option to show SafeArea, Video, Thumbnail Gallery, Hero effect, Image Height, inline Video on Product Detail. (link)

Discount – Coupon, Sale off with Countdown, Point and Reward. (link)

Order Delivery Date – support to select the Delivery Shipping Date.

Push Notification – via OneSignal, Firebase; Order Status Notifications, In-app notification, history messages. (link)

Social Login – easy to register or sign up (apple, facebook, google, email), SMS Login by Firebase auth, OTP Digits WordPress for SMS. (link)

Smart Chat – easy to chat with vendor/admin (Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone call, Gmail, etc.), support the Intercom service, Firebase Realtime Chat. (video)

Powerful User Setting – view WishList, Order Tracking, Rate App on app stores, Dark theme, Smart Chat setting, switching languages, enable push notification.

Powerful Option Config – option to enable Guest Checkout, Require Login, enable Shipping, change currency format.

Webview and Token – option to add a Webview page. User can access that page without re-login. Hide some webview UI. (video)

Ads and Others – Admob, Facebook Ads, Refund, Re-Order, Firebase Dynamic Link, Synced Cart to Website, Map Picker (fill in Billing Address easier), Recent products, Recent view, Age Restrictions, Version Update Alert, In-app Updates, Review/rating products, Photo Reviews, Web PWA, and MacOS version. (video)

Store Open Hours – Vendors easy to set their store’s open and closing hours.

Store Vacation – Vendors can be online/offline or vacation mode (Wcfm).

Combine source code – ability to merge 3 source codes {FluxStore MultiVendor, FluxStore Manager, FluxStore Delivery Boy} to one app. (video)

Account Deletion – following Apple’s new policy,the Settings screen shows Account Deletion to allow Customers removing accounts to protect their Data privacy. (video)

GDPR Compliance – flexible to show Privacy Policy on the Sign Up screen, or First Open; enable Onboarding screen. (link)

Offline Images Caching – speed up the loading performance with caching image offline method.

Google Analytics – easy to track the user online and number of registration via Firebase as the realtime.

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